The 3L Approach

Listening, Looking and Learning are the three rules of our approach.

Introduction to 3 L

The 3L Approach (Listening, Looking and Learning): the rules almar quality research applies to qualitative market research, especially to Ethnographic research.


LISTENING to the mind and the heart of the consumer with the aim to understand, analyze his …


  • emotions
  • values
  • needs
  • expectations
  • wishes
  • criteria used when making a decision
  • motivations


During Ethnographic research attentively LOOKING is fundamental, so to grasp all the smallest details existing in his environment and that have a value and a meaning for him. That is why this research is conducted in …
  • his house
  • his office
  • shops where he generally buys his products
  • hang outs attended with his family or close friends


Listening and Looking the consumer bring to the LEARNING of what is really relevant for him so that the company understands what:
  • product
  • service
  • communication
should be developed, improved, changed in order to be close to his consumer.