Qualitative Research

High quality performed at every phase, from Recruiting to Fieldwork, to the Analysis of Results


The Qualitative or Motivational Research aims to deepen the knowledge of the consumer’s thoughts and needs through psychological techniques of investigation that can uncover what really motivates the consumer to make certain choices. The aim is also to help the company to understand the role that its product or service plays in people’s lives.

There are three fundamental phases in a market research: the recruitment, the fieldwork and the analysis of results.

1. Recruitment

The phase of the accurate identification, through expert recruiters, of those consumers who can perfectly represent the target of investigation.

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2. Fieldwork

The phase of the collection of information through ad hoc methodologies created for the specific project.

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3.Analysis of Results

The phase of the analysis and the processing of the information collected, which will include all the information to allow a strategic action in the market.

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