Giulia Fabrizi

We’ve partnered with Giulia whenever we need to go beyond the ordinary and the standard approaches in order to go deeper and achieve far more."

- Charles Andrew, Managing Director at Idea Couture UK


After graduating in Psychology in 1987, Giulia Fabrizi worked initially in Human Resources Recruitment before moving on to Marketing Research, first focusing on Quantitative and later on Qualitative surveys.

Giulia Fabrizi continued to acquire in-depth experience on this sector over the years, using new methodologies to interpret consumer behavior in a constantly changing world.

Some meaningful steps

    • In 2007 Giulia Fabrizi has been invited as Programme Committee at Esomar Consumer Insight Conference.
    • In 2004 Giulia Fabrizi cooperated with the Faculty of Psychology, Bicocca University, Milan.
    • In 2000: Giulia Fabrizi presented the findings of a qualitative study on the vision for the “Automotive World in 2010” at the Motor Show in Turin.
    • In 1997 Giulia Fabrizi cooperated with the Politecnico, Milan.
    • Since 1995 Giulia Fabrizi is Certified Member of ESOMAR – European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research – she respects and observes the ethic code of conduct and she actively participates to Congresses and Conferences to be updated on the latest issues, methodologies and analysis of results for qualitative market research.


    Research areas and countries Giulia Fabrizi has cooperated with over 25 years of activities

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    Some testimonials...

    “Giulia is a delight to work with both on a personal and professional level – I’d recommend her without hesitation to anyone wanting good quality insightful market research”

    – Tessa Wood – Fusion Fuel – UK


    “It is always great to work with Giulia. You know everything will run just fine. And at the end the deliverables have a high added value.”

    – Stéphanie CHANE CHICK TE – Harris Interactive France


    “Giulia is a great moderator who brings out the best in people and writes detailed research results that are also extremely insightful. She is very reliable, works very fast and well and it is always a pleasure working with her because she is just a lovely person. I have worked with her on many projects and hope to continue working with her on many more!”

    – Charmian Tardieu – MilesFurther – Germany


    “Giulia has always provided insightful partnership on cross-cultural projects in a wide variety of product & service categories. She works collaboratively to provide highest common factor solutions, rather than simply exaggerating differences between our cultures.”

    – Alex Authers – Head of Research & Insight – Gatwick Airport


    “Nous faisons régulièrement appel à Giulia lorsque nous travaillons en Italie et nous apprécions sa capacité à s’adapter à diverses méthodologies et thématiques et sa précieuse expertise culturelle!”

    – Laurence Bertea-Granet – Deputy Director Qualitative Research Department – Harris Interactive Inc.


    Giulia Fabrizi is one the hardest-working market researchers I’ve ever met. She’s a steel magnolia, always anticipating clients’ needs in her own mild-mannered, über-professional way. She has honed her skills in the industry through the years and can tackle any market research project regardless of size and nature. After more than a decade of collaboration, I always cherish the opportunity to work with Giulia”

    – Orietta Olivetti – Partner – Studio ScriptoriA


    “It’s always a pleasure working with Giulia. I know she will do an excellent job!”

    – Lisa Bella – Vice President – Redshift Research USA 

    “Giulia is a first rate qualitative researcher with an instinctive understanding of human nature and excellent skills in moderation and analysis which are founded in her psychology background. She has a positive, can-do attitude and is always a pleasure to work with.”

    – Amanda Bradbury – Founding Director – Affinity Research  UK

    “Giulia provides a high quality, reliable, cost effective Italian research solution – highly recommended for UK/US- commissioned projects, as she  understands the demands of multi-country work and speaks excellent English. I have worked with her on a range of projects including both Consumer and Pharma studies and have always had an exceptionally high level of service.”

    – Tracey White – Head of Research & Insight – Your Future – UK

    “Giulia has done a superb job when working for me on multiple Fine Fragrance & Cosmetics qualitative projects conducted in Italy. She has the pulse on the Italian market, the right local connections to get the right candidates, outstanding project management skills, a very efficient staff and knows how to provide real consumer insights. Last but least, her facility is centrally located in Milan!”

    – Alain Bertholet – P&G Consumer & Market Knowledge (CMK) Manager – Western Europe Pampers

    “Giulia is a great moderator. She gets exactly what you need and gets very well access to consumer’s minds. In her analysis she is on the point and always pays attention to the Research objectives.”

    – Anke Pelmer – Consumer Insight Consultant – mind & heart – Germany

    “I have worked with Giulia on a number of very successful projects and can thoroughly recommend her work. She would be my first choice for qualitative research in Italy.”

    – Neil McPhee – Nuance Research – UK

    “Giulia always ensures that her clients get excellent work at reasonable cost. Her detailed knowledge of the healthcare sector and capacity to extract all the relevant “gems” from both professional and patient groups made the difference to both my brand and company strategy. Punctual, trustworthy and reliable, I also enjoyed working with Giulia and her team.”

    – Susan Blenkinsop Cardin – Owner – Pards Freelance Professional Partners

    “Giulia is a great qualitative researcher that one can rely on to do a good job.”

    – Maarten Schellekens – Global Marketing and Branding – Acer

    “As a market researcher myself, I have worked with Giulia several times, and I really appreciate the friendly and helpful collaboration she proposes. Giulia and her agency have a special skill to recruit high-end consumers of luxury brand, and I was impressed by the quality of the ethno we ran together. A great person and a great professional.”

    – Nathalie Cabart – Head of International Research – MSM

    “We’ve partnered with Giulia whenever we need to go beyond the ordinary and the standard approaches in order to go deeper and achieve far more. She combines great research with great thinking and is just a lovely person to be with.”

    – Charles Andrew – Managing Director – Idea Couture UK