Qualitative and quantitative research at National and International level.


almar quality research offers tailor-made solutions based on companies’ research objectives and level of depth of information required.

qualitative approach

allows to analyze in-depth the behavior and the attitudes of consumers, through the use of psychological and innovative techniques.

With this approach the company will get specific information about the underlying reasons for the behavior of a small number of respondents, qualitatively representative of the target audience.

quantitative approach

allows companies to understand the overall degree of interest in a product, a brand or an idea.

With this approach numerical data help to understand the opinion of a large sample of respondents.

Qualitative Research

The Qualitative or Motivational Research aims to deepen the knowledge of the consumer’s thoughts and needs through psychological techniques of investigation.

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Quantitative Research

The Quantitative Research is used to collect numerical data on a large sample of respondents, on their views in relation to products/services, brands or concepts.

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National and International Market Research

almar quality research conducts nationwide face-to-face interviews, using a network of over 200 interviewers and 20 supervisors, recruited during 25 years of activity in the sector.


Taking advantage of well-established working relationships with research agencies across Europe and the USA, almar quality research also handles international research projects. And our colleagues abroad share our same philosophy and approach to the marketing research business.